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  • Medium Voltage Line Cover
    Medium Voltage Line Cover

    M971 Medium Voltage Line Cover Applications: Medium voltage line cover MVLC provides state-of-the-art insulation to help prevent electrical outages caused by trees or wildlife coming into contact with distribution lines. MVLC is designed to insulate existing bare lines without costly conductor...

  • Electrical Stress Control Mastic(Clear)
    Electrical Stress Control Mastic(Clear)

    M304T (Stress Relief Mastic, Stress Grading Mastic) Applications: To provide stress relief of the electrical field in all MV cables joints and termination for heat-shrink and cold-shrink technologies. Applicable up to 35kV. Features: Equilibrate the electrical field and reduce the electrical...

  • Built-in Mastic Cold Shrink Sealing Tube For Cell Site
    Built-in Mastic Cold Shrink Sealing Tub...

    Molyfast Cold Shrink Sealing Kit -----EPDM Rubber Splices for Coaxial Cable Connections Cold Shrink Sealing Kits offer a safe, easy way to reliably seal connections on coaxial cables. Cold Shrink is ideal for wireless communications towers and other exposed coaxial interfaces Molyfast kit...

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The Overhead Liness refers to the wire which is erected in the air through the tower an...
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Molypoly Technologies Co.,Ltd is dedicated to provide convenient and efficient electrical maintenance solution. Relying on the technologies of CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,The R&D department has abundant technical experience on electrical insulation, stress relief, oil resistance, fire resistance, waterproof and other fields. Molypoly rely on consummate quality assurance system, we persevere to improve the stability of products, ease of use, strict quality, sustainable and stable for customers with quality products. Our products are widely used in electric, communications, aviation and aerospace, automobile industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry, oil field, mining industry, rail transit and other fields.
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